Ashira Parti, a Rising star mesmerized the stage with her power packed performance

The Indian rising star, Ashira Parti set the stage on fire when she sang ‘Adele-Hello song’, where everyone enjoyed the song the most, on Saturday 6th May at Airforce Auditorium, New Delhi. A very Talented 12 years old girl inspired by ‘Adele’ performed and mesmerized the audience during her live performance. The young and talented voice was applauded which had made her parents and teachers proud. The concert was a colossal success which was organized by Delhi School of Music, Delhi. The audience loved her voice and enjoyed her performance immensely. Everyone in audience and the guests honored her with the title as the ‘future Voice of India’ of music industry.
An amazing energetic live performance by Ashira Parti has received an overwhelming response during the concert and has got more than 500 views on YouTube in just couple of hours on official release of her new video ‘Hello’. The specialists once again, scattered Ashira with praises and were absolutely delighted after the performance. She sang almost all the songs that really appeared to love by the audience. Her melodious voice, and modulation sets her apart from the other singers of her age group and makes her different singer altogether. She is an extraordinary talented singer which is an Indian voice and will rock the world in the coming future. Her power packed performance shows her confidence and her passion towards singing. Her commitment towards music shows her consistency and dedication. It’s a matter of pride for us that our student represented our school on such a large platform, said Principal (Delhi School of Music).
Ashira’s performance at the concert has set up the benchmark of what makes her voice and performance so great. No matter what your age, gender or social background is music has the power to connect with soul. The teachers of Delhi School of Music said in an interview, it’s pleasure watching and listening to Ashira live performance and wish her all the very best for her upcoming songs which are yet to come.
After the concert, Ashira Parti thanked her entire crew members and said in an interview, that without their support this concert would not have been successful. She give thanks to her teachers and her parents for their immense support. She also promised her fans for the another new numbers which are yet to come in near future.