Beauty of Speech

When you are making a public speech either as a chief executive officer, administrator, teacher, actor and program anchor or in any other capacity please take note of the following aspects:

• Public speech requires you to be bold and confident: A shy and timid approach will be a definite hindrance. You communicate not only with your words but also with your body language i.e., your poise, your face, the tone of your voice, your eyes. So words should be in tune with the rest of your body language. When you are giving a speech you are connecting yourself with the audience. Your energy, your enthusiasm, your sincerity, your honesty, everything is communicated. So either you should be honest or a very good actor.

• Each language is just like a soft fabric, so don't be harsh and in hurry. Take care that you are properly pronouncing the words.

• Each language has certain pronunciation, certain tone kindly try to learn it. Average understanding and average knowledge of language will not help. Good communication is an art which requires proper knowledge of the language, ability to express your ideas in convincing and pleasing manners. A good orator will always have the interested and active audience. Audience should be dying to hear your next word.

• Be thoroughly prepared with the content of your speech. Be sure that if you are not enthusiastic about the content of your speech same will be the reaction of listeners. So to begin with when you deliver speeches always try to be listener minded and enthusiastic.

• Humor is something which will always help you to connect with the listeners. So add a pinch of humor in your communication.

• And lastly remember action speaks louder than words. So please communicate with lots of enthusiasm, energy, honesty, and with perfect mastery of words, tone and content. Be polite and courteous.

• Remember it is not important how long you speak but how well you speak.

• Shade off the perception that if you are good in other fields you will naturally be good in communication and presentation. Always remember this is an art which has to learned and mastered. Learn from the feedback of your listeners; learn from the feedback of your friends and relatives. Before you make any public speech you should be fully prepared with your communication and presentation skills.