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Penetration Testing can help corporates to meet their security goals

After so many latest and powerful Malware attacks, Corporate industry; more than ever - need to take advantage of Cyber Security in order to test their networks, systems and applications to protect themselves from different Cyber Attacks. To ensure that web based systems and applications are secure requires more than just good design and development.

Why HTTPS is not implemented on entire web when it is more secure?

Today we live in the advanced ‘Cyber Space’ where we all are connected through various means of Communications via using Internet. More than 99% internet users visit lot of websites includes Social Networking, Email Services, E-Commerce, Banking etc. where we pass our User Names & Passwords many a times each day. At the same time the problems of ‘Cyber Crimes’ are also rising up where most of the problems are related to the Hacking of the User Names and password. Today if we see, most of the websites are on http instead of https which is supposed to be a much secure protocol.

Take Precautions while downloading Cards and Online Shopping

Take Precautions while downloading Cards and Online Shopping

Downloading E-Cards are incredibly popular and, often free, but many E-cards may also contain Spyware, Spam and Viruses, if downloaded from the anonymous sources.

Security experts have tested that spammers have already demonstrated that they are smart enough to create E-cards websites that look like legitimate E-card companies such as Hallmark or Paper Rose, said Dr. Anup Girdhar, An Independent Cyber Security Consultant.

Smartphone security risks rise on top

If you are using a Smartphone and using the internet with different applications especially in the public networks or free Wi-Fi network then you really need to secure your phone from the crackers who can hijack your device or steal your data.

How today’s Cyber Criminals are different?

A Young, inexperienced, and possessing Cyber Criminal/ Cracker with vast quantities of time to waste, to get into just one more system. However, there is a far more dangerous type of system cracker out there. One who knows the ins and outs of the latest security auditing and cracking tools, who can modify them for specific attacks, and who can write his/her own programs. One who not only reads about the latest security holes, but also personally discovers bugs and vulnerabilities. A deadly creature that can both strike poisonously and hide its tracks without a whisper or hint of a trail.

Is Mobile Phone a Phone or a Tracker?

The small device in your pockets that according to you, is a cellphone — Think once again. Is it a phone or a tracking device that make calls? Due to its increased usage as a tracking device, it is better to call it a tracker instead of phone.