Smartphone security risks rise on top

If you are using a Smartphone and using the internet with different applications especially in the public networks or free Wi-Fi network then you really need to secure your phone from the crackers who can hijack your device or steal your data.

Cyber Crime Investigator & Security expert Dr. Anup Girdhar, (CEO-Sedulity Solutions) said that as more people use their mobile devices in free and open Wi-Fi networks, the risks are increasing as well. It’s time to lookout for fraudulent applications, messages and Wi-Fi networks which can trick users of mobile devices to divulge passwords, personal data or even credit card numbers.

In case you are using any Android device, then you are often targeted by spyware, including one system called FinFisher, capable of taking a mobile device, or Loozfon, "an information-stealing piece of Malware."

Dr. Girdhar said that as the popularity of apps is increasing, the chances of Cyber Crimes have also been increased. You download an application which could be malicious and designed to steal your personal information or could even send out paid text messages without your knowledge."

Some crackers are using Twitter or some other ads offering special discounts for popular gifts, which link to a malicious software. Now a days, "Criminals are more Tech Savvy with authentic-looking social ads that take consumers to legitimate looking websites. "In order to take advantage of the best deals consumers provide their personal information including credit card number, email address, phone number, home address etc."

Dr. Girdhar has advised and appeal from all the Smartphone users to "Be careful what you do on public Wi-Fi networks especially when you're shopping”. Do not expose passwords, account numbers or credit card information unless you are certain that you are on a secure connection. "Use carefulness when downloading apps. Only download apps from legitimate sites you trust or experts suggest.