Cyber Law News

Germany Launches Cyber Defense Center

Germany is the latest country to build itself its very own cyber-defense center to build a strategy to defend against cyber-warfare, a hot issue this year. The National Cyber-Defense Center is located in Bonn at the Federal Office for Information Security building. For now, it had ten permanent employees with the German Federal Police, Federal Intelligence Service and Armed Forces to join the effort in the coming months. The Interior ministry said it recorded a record number of attempted cyber attacks last year, nearly double the number of attempts in 2009.

NSG Officer (RS Pradhan) Official Mail Hacked

Inspector General RS Pradhan, who is holding an important position in NSG (National Security Guard), had a rude shock when he came to know that his official mail was hacked. The hacker send lot of mails to several recipients on his behalf. According to sources, he is incharge of operations to several assignments. He later informed to IB (Intelligence Bureau) about the breach in the system.

13 Years Jail for Phishing Attack...

A 27 year old man "Kenneth Joseph Lucas II" from Los Angeles has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for allegedly playing an active role in a phishing attack, aimed at stealing money from consumer bank accounts during the operation “Phish Phry” in 2009.
The two year long Operation Phish Phry saw US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Electronic Crimes Task Force and the US Attorney’s Office working in unison with the Egyptian law enforcement agencies.
The US District Court for the Central District of Los Angeles had sentenced Lucas to 11 years in prison late last week.

Indian shopping website Groupon leaks Email/Passwords of 300,000 Users... offers its services in 11 cities - Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Nagpur, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru - and has mailed customers stating that they were made aware of a security breach.

What is Database Forensics?

Dear Readers, in this edition I am trying to throw some light on Database Forensics and please try to implement few important things that has been given in this article and I am sure that it will help you all in your relative fields. Database Forensics is a computer science term referring to the forensic study of databases. It means the Gathering and analyzing data in a manner as free from distortion or bias as possible to reconstruct data or what has happened in the past on a system.

Information security, an important aspect

The internet is not a single network, but a worldwide collection of loosely connected networks that are accessible by individual computer hosts, in a variety of ways, to anyone with a computer and a network connection. Thus, individuals and organizations can reach any point on the internet without regard to national or geographic boundaries or time of day. However, along with the convenience and easy access to information come risks. Among them are the risks that valuable information will be lost, stolen, changed, or misused.