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Serious Security Flaw : iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing

A rather serious security flaw in the iPhone’s SMS messaging system has been discovered and revealed by well-known security researcher and jailbreak extraordinaire ‘pod2g’. Security flaw affecting all iPhones that he says could facilitate hackers or thieves to access your personal information.

The researcher claims that the flaw has actually been present in Apple’s iPhone software ever since the first iPhone was launched in 2007, but has failed to have been picked up on by anybody, including Apple it seems.

Anonymous hackers target Australian Intelligence

Hacking group Anonymous claimed to have shut down a computer server belonging to Australia's domestic spy agency ASIO, reportedly briefly closing down access to its public web page. The Australian Security Intelligence Organization acknowledged some disruption to its website.

The ASIO website was down for about 30 minutes after the attack and is now operating slowly or not at all. It appears the attack may be ongoing, but ASIO’s technical staff are recovering the situation.

What is Firewall Forensics?

Dear Readers, in this edition I am trying to throw some light on Firewall Forensics and please
try to implement few important things that has been given in this article and I am sure that it
will help you all in your relative fields where, You will need to conduct a forensics analysis
using your firewall logs at some point. The underlying objective of a forensic analysis is trying
to determine what happened and to establish facts that can be used in court. If you have never
reviewed the firewall logs previously, this can be a costly and almost insurmountable process

Internet users are exposed to vulnerabilities

A recent survey of more than 5,000 active Internet users across 10 cities in India suggests that
users are becoming increasingly concerned about online security. According to the VeriSign
commissioned study, ninety 1 % of the respondent Internet users have experienced some case

of cyber fraud, such as Phishing, key logging, identity theft and account takeover. Despite the
exposure to cyber fraud, a majority of respondents were unaware of ways to combat it. This
study clearly indicates that while users may be unaware of how to protect themselves online,

Internet Protocol a unique identity of a Computer

What is Ip Address?
You might have come across this term very often, haven’t you! Every machine on the Internet has a unique identifying number, called an IP Address. A typical IP address looks like this:, 921.168.1.6, etc.

What is the use of IP Address?

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