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Mobile Devices expected to be at the center of all aspects of IT in 2013

In today’s Digital world where all the users are shifting from personal computers to mobiles and smart devices, it is predicted that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide in the year 2013. Meeting the demand from consumers for entertainment devices which have a business purpose and enterprise customers wishing for vice-versa, 2013 will witness a rise in new convertible devices which are a cross between full-on tablet and a straight laptop.

Cyber Times Organized International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Technology & Management”

To provide the new paradigms in the embryonic fields of Technology & Management, Cyber Times International Journal of Technology & Management has organized an International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Technology & Management” on Dated: 22nd Dec’ 12, at ‘India International Centre’ New Delhi, India.

Take Precautions while downloading Cards and Online Shopping

Take Precautions while downloading Cards and Online Shopping

Downloading E-Cards are incredibly popular and, often free, but many E-cards may also contain Spyware, Spam and Viruses, if downloaded from the anonymous sources.

Security experts have tested that spammers have already demonstrated that they are smart enough to create E-cards websites that look like legitimate E-card companies such as Hallmark or Paper Rose, said Dr. Anup Girdhar, An Independent Cyber Security Consultant.

Cyber Crimes could increase in 2013 too with higher rate

In today’s internet era, India has been recognized as one of the fastest growing internet and mobile market globally. With over 137 million internet users in India, 7 out of 10 users access internet through their mobiles. Additionally, India grew its social media user base from 38 million in 2011 to 60 million in 2012, making both mobile and social media platforms a preferred site for Cyber Crime Attacks.

Characteristics of True Leadership

What is the one characteristic that is true of all leaders? Is it being tall? Being charismatic? Having a commanding presence? Being action orientated? Or just being honest and ethical?

• It is none of these.
• Rather, all leaders have a drive to differentiate themselves from their peers - whether the individual is a person, a team, a business, a sports club or a nation.
• When individuals differentiate themselves they stand out from their peers (or group).
• Some are seen as deviants and rejected; others are seen as leaders and followed.

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