Important Security tips for Internet Computer Users

Whenever we talk about the Cyber Security, we should always remember that precaution is the best countermeasure, however there are few countermeasures which should be followed by every computer user in order secure themselves from the professional crackers while using computers and internet. The countermeasures are mentioned as follows;

• Always make sure that your Password is Alpha Numeric (i.e. combination of both letters & numbers and also use some special characters if you can).
• Always keep your Password length of minimum 8 characters.
• Always use Latest Anti-Virus & Anti-Spy ware softwares and update it regularly to protect your PC from Viruses/ Trojans/ Worms/ Spywares etc.
• Always use firewall software or hardware to prevent unauthorized access to your computer and configure your firewall correctly.
• Always stay updated about the security related news.
• Always monitor traffic of your site & check activity looking for any irregularities.
• Always use host-based intrusion detection system on your web servers.
• Always develop your web content off line.
• Always make sure that your web servers, running your public web site are physically separated from your internal corporate network.
• Always protect your databases by putting it behind a second interface on your firewall.
• Always use strict access rules for database server than web server.
• Always check true or genuine website before submitting your credit card number & CVV numbers.
• Always remember that people you find online may not be genuine as they seem to be
• Always prepare and maintain logs.