India's user base of Facebook increased multifold

Facebook announced that it has over 65 million active users in India, an eightfold increase over last two years.

"We are pleased to announced that over 65 million people in India are using Facebook to share and connect," said Kirthiga Reddy, director (online operations), Facebook India. She told that these were all monthly active users or people who use their accounts at least once a month.

She said, India is an important market for Facebook, She pointed out that Facebook had just eight million users in India when they opened India office here in 2010.
With over one billion people connecting and sharing on Facebook platform, the social network has become the largest and the most engaged community of people in the world.

Kirthiga Reddy said the social network was taking all steps to root out fake accounts with a global team constantly keeping a watch on people with fake identity and those hacking other accounts. According to her, security of users is a prime concern for them and they are taking the issues of fake accounts and hacking seriously.

"Our goal is to make sure that every account is a real person. We are constantly employing our algorithms to make sure that we are finding them (hackers and people with fake accounts) quickly and making sure they are not on the system," she said.
Facebook has a team across the globe for monitoring 24x7 and to make sure that people have great experience on the site. A major part of their efforts to check hacking is to educate users about the safety tips.